Our Services

We at Parm Solutions have designed our services to best serve our clients. As mentioned everywhere on our website we are very client-focused and want to provide the level-best service. We also work with clients to develop custom workflows that works for both the client and for us.

Medical Billing
Medical billing processes go through many changes and its very complex for a physician to know about the changing environment. We let you handle the patients and we focus on keeping up with the changing rules and regulations and make sure that your practice is in good standing with all claims. At Parm Solutions, we assign you a billing professional, who will be responsible for your account and you will be able to reach out to them with any questions. Using our HIPAA Compliant Software you will get real-time information about your practice's health.

Full Service Medical Management
Parm Solutions also specializes in full service medical management. Sometimes medical billing isn't the only thing you need to let professionals handle, you have other operations that can be handled by professionals like us. A majority of our clients trust us not only with their billing but also with handling other significant operations.

EMR Consulting and Implementation
Confused about qualifying for Meaningful Use incentives? Parm Solutions has a IT team that will work with you in utilizing EMR Software that will get you the money for using EMR software. We specalize in Practice Fusion's EMR software. In addition, we also take care of any IT related operations from High-Speed Internet, Computer setup, to setting up IT infrastructure.